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Our policy and terms of service

While Selfie Sensations Mirror Photo Booth is all about fun, we appreciate your taking the time to read and review our policy page, and terms of service – because it’s not so fun! It’s important for both parties to have a clear understanding of what to expect. Let’s begin with the not so fun stuff, so we can get to the fun part fast!

Our service

Your event will be confirmed by Kim Weyant-Stevens, owners of. Selfie Sensations Mirror Photo Booth. The total for service will be is listed in your confirmation email; the invoice balance will be due in full by event day. Failure to pay the event balance in full before event day could delay your reservation or make it subject to cancellation. If an overtime performance is requested, those amounts must be paid when services are requested. Our overtime rate is $200 per hour. Failure to return the requested deposit within 3 days, will cancel any bookings/reservations being held. All payments can be made by ACH wire, credit cards by phone, or by PayPal.

For their safety, children under the age of 13 years old must be accompanied by an adult during the process of using our equipment. Selfie Sensations enjoys a good party, but the mirror photo booth is not a good place for food or drinks, and we reserve the right to refuse servicing those who have either.

Confirmed events

No event is ever confirmed without a booking confirmation and a paid deposit. No refunds within 90 days of event day for any reason. Refunds of deposits before 90 days of the event day are acceptable, however, will charge a $250 cancellation fee. Failure to submit your event booking form and your deposit within 7 days of reserving it; will make your event reservation subject to cancellation.

Delivery & removal

The client will provide Selfie Sensations Mirror Photo Booth with the event venues’ name and address when booking. It is the client’s responsibility to inform Selfie Sensations Mirror Photo Booth in advance of event day if there are any known obstructions, stairwells, small elevators, narrow corridors’ or such that may require special labor and handling to deliver the Selfie Sensations Mirror Photo Booth and related equipment. If any venue has ‘special delivery’ requirements or any additional labor is required to enter a location those labor amounts will be billed to the client at a rate of $150 per event delivery; additionally, the client could also occur $150 charge for ‘special removal’ requirements.

The client understands that Selfie Sensations Mirror Photo Booth is essentially a 200 lb armoire, and delivery to any location with any staircases/stairs, tight/small hallways, or even an extremely long walking distance to specified location could result in ‘special delivery and/or strike charges.’ Client agrees to verify with the venue, delivery route into the building, and ease of access for our delivery team. It is not our goal to charge you any extra fees, but to avoid any confusion in advance of the expectations of terms of delivery, and service.

We reserve the right to refuse delivery of Selfie Sensations Mirror Photo Booth to any location that is highly difficult, or dangerous for our team to execute. All payments will be forfeited, should the client fail to inform us in writing of any special requirements to successfully execute delivery of Selfie Sensations Mirror Photo Booth to their event location in advance of event day.

Limited liability

Our service is limited to what is detailed in this event agreement such as dates, times, team attire, delivery/performance times, equipment rental & staffing needs. Any additional assistance/advice or services offered to our clients is in good faith to help achieve a successful event. Kim Weyant- Stevens and team, is not responsible for any loss, lost/stolen, misplaced or wrongfully allocated items at any event. If the client has any specific requests or service modifications for our staff those instructions need to be provided in writing (7) days prior to the event. Selfie Sensations Mirror Photo Booth has the right to refuse any requests that are not a part of our terms of service.

Liability insurance

Selfie Sensations Mirror Photo Booth is bonded and insured. Occasionally, some venues require specific riders for their venue. Please notify our office if a rider is requested by your venue, allow (10) business days to process the request.

Photo images

Selfie Sensations Mirror Photo Booth owns the copyrights to every image taken at any event; Kim Weyant-Stevens retains ownership of all images. Selfie Sensations Mirror Photo Booth will use images taken for marketing, social media and branding of our services. If you prefer that we do not use your event images, you must specifically tell us at the time of booking, in writing. Declining the use of event images may affect your event rate. The prices listed on this website takes ‘rights to use images’ into consideration.

Extreme weather

In the event, extreme weather would create any “State of Emergency” or “Hazardous road conditions” that would impair our staff or your guests to be able to safely make transport to your event; the event would be subject to cancellation. The lines of communications would open-up between the signor and Selfie Sensations early that day acting in the best interest of both parties and to find a reasonable solution.

If that means the event needs to be rescheduled or canceled, (or delayed), deposits would then be forwarded to a new available event date. This would be considered an “Act of God” and any unused deposit may be forwarded to a new event date up until one year after the original event date. It is highly unlikely that this would occur, and is only precautionary statement for events in winter months that are subject to extreme weather and hazardous conditions. Trust we will make every effort to never cancel an event, and will only do so if it would compromise the safety of our team.

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